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2nd Italian Spring Camp


The second Spring Camp of Karate SHINKYOKUSHINKAI organized by ISKO, the Italian delegation of WKO, was held on May 18-20, 2012 in Montesilvano (PE) Italy, and 40 participants attended this event.

The guest of honour was Jesus Talan Shihan, assisted by Roberto Di Blasio Sensei, branch chief for Italy. Moreover, on Sunday 20th of May, was presented also Dimitar Popov Senpai (Shinkyokushinkai Bulgaria), responsible for the Dojo of Pesaro.

In the program presented by Shihan was shown not only the great and huge experience of him in the international arena but also his excellent technical skills, which are consistent with the technical requirements of Committee of WKO Shinkyokushinkai proposed for years and also coherent with the innovation, creativity and teaching effectiveness.
The purity of his style, the experience gained over many years of sweat on the tatami around the world and his immense sympathy allowed us to spend three fantastic days!

The program was shared by different activities.
Friday evening; opening training dedicated to Kihon.
Saturday we trained hard for eight intense hours: four hours of lessons in the morning and four in the afternoon!
Sunday morning; two hours of indoor-training dedicated to the study of Kumite.
Then, after graduation and space for photos, we went to the beach for outdoor-training: running, Kihon, Kata and Kumite and training course in the water, in our Adriatic Sea.

Shihan Talan, always smiling and full of positive energy, confirming that practicing of the martial art means first of all to have fun, even it is a hard style. In the name of the game he teaches the value of things, the priorities and to do always the good work, which is very consistent with my style.
Thanks for everything!

Sensei Roberto Di Blasio