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Guideline and measures aimed to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) infection


The WKO Japan Region drew up a guideline for the management of Full Contact Karate dojos with measures aimed to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, based on the content discussed at the series of meetings held between the Japanese government and related experts. The original draft made on May 2 was tested internally, and after an exchange of ideas, the document was updated on May 9.

The document will continue to be updated, based on the content announced by the government and related sectors, and the supervision of medical experts, in order to minimize the risk of infection. The dojos in the WKO Japan Region will carry out the tasks in the guideline in stages, based on the infection rate and situation of the facilities in the area and branch.
We will continue our research and carry out the necessary preventive measures so that students and family members can restart their training with a positive attitude and mindset.

Guideline for Managing Full Contact Karate Dojos