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Indonesia Karate Seminar & Dan Test 2022


Date: February 25-27, 2022
Place: Kopeng-Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia
Organizer: Indonesia branch

Indonesia Karate Seminar & Dan Test 2022 took place in Kopeng-Salatiga on February 25th to 27th, 2022, with 84 participants. The number of participants is smaller than usual. Some people couldn’t participate because they tested positive for Covid-19, and the others were hesitant because Omicron is spreading rapidly again in our country. Nevertheless, we are grateful to have the seminar and Dan test.
The first session started on 26th February, Saturday morning. All gathered in the open area and practiced Kihon and Ido together.
The second session was planned separately for black belts and colored belts in the afternoon, but the group training was canceled due to heavy rain, and we trained in the main hall together instead.
After Kata training, we practiced the Indonesian Shinkyokushinkai march song, which was just finished composing.
On Sunday morning, on 27th, the Dan Test was conducted with 14 participants from various regions. All successfully passed the test.

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