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Shihan Howard Collins Seminar in Hungary 2012


After 12 years, Shihan Howard Collins 7th Dan instructed again in Hungary

June 21-24, 2012
In common organization of the Furkó and Kálóczi Branches, a karate seminar was held in Siófok, Hungary.

On the beach of the “Hungarian Sea”- at the Hotel Europe – near 70 club leaders and karatekas were gathered, in order to practice with the guidance of Shihan Collins for 4 days. The main program of the trainings contained the well-known kihon-kata-kumite exercises.
The opportunity to participate in the camp was given to all club leaders, instructors and black belt masters from within and outside Hungary.

Shihan Collins held 6 trainings in the themes: kyokushin karate kihon, ido-kihon, kata, bunkai, kumite, competition kumite, and behavior. The majority of the Hungarian kyokushin karate practitioners know Shihan Collins very well, as he led many international summer camps in Hungary before. We did not have to be disappointed, Shihan Collins instructs and requires the same high level today, as 12 years before, and his knowledge even increased since then.

Shihan Collins expounded, demonstrated and guided the basic techniques, standings, movements, and combinations. He corrected the errors, described the proper posture, the belonging feeling, and talked about the importance of body-mind-spirit unity. We practiced the effective applications of several individual basic techniques as well. In the fighting section, we learned and practiced several useful basic combinations of competition kumite. Shihan presented that we have to apply the techniques with unity of the body and mind, and with the proper use of energy (ki) and the whole body mass. He highlighted the importance of balance, speed and timing. He gave us tactical advices to stress the enemy, in order take advantage of the opportunities from the so forced mistakes.

Of course Shihan Collins was not satisfied with the participants; he tried to bring out the most out of us. The tempo of the exercises was a serious physical strain on us in the warm weather, so in the middle of the trainings, we had 5 minute breaks for hydration.

In a separate conversation with Shihan Collins – in answers to our questions – talked about his life, his karate experiences, the time he spend in Honbu, about Sosai Oyama, his 100-kumite fight, about competing and the situation after the death of Sosai, about his own club and his pupils.

The participants of the seminar could refresh and increase their kyokushin karate knowledge, and they could get some taste out of Shihan Collins’ high requirements. The club leaders, instructors and black belt masters can take home the learned knowledge, and surely they will pass this on to their pupils. In that way our seminar reached its goal.

Last, but not least, we respectfully thank Dr. János Zsuga, President of Kálóczi Branch, for his support to the event and to the participation of the members of both branches, and the excellent hospitality which allowed us to hold this seminar.