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Hungary Dan Exams and National Team Trainings


Date: 15 August 2020
Place: Ungvari Miklos Judo Center in Cegled, Hungary
Organizer: WKO Hungary Branch Chief Tamas Szabo

 Hungarian Dan exam and national team training took place on 15th August in Cegled.
Under the supervision of Branch Chief Tamas Szabo, twenty members completed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dan degree, and ten members applied for the brown belt test.
After the thorough technical exam, the Kumite exam was carried out with the national team members’ help.
Following the grading exam, there were training sessions for the national team, led by the Branch Chief József Stefanovics. Nearly 60 young competitors participated in the training, where Shihan Csaba Rácz, Sensei Lídia Körmendi, and Sensei Zoltán Váczi assisted the teaching.
A total of 120 Karatekas took part in the program, which showed the deep-rooted popularity of Hungarian Shinkyokushin even in this viral period.