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Hungarian Dream Cup 2016-International Championship


Date: October 19-23, 2016
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Organizer: WKO Hungary Branch Arpad Kalmar 4th Dan (Secretary General of All Hungarian Karate Federation)

The All-Hungarian Karate Federation and the Stability Sports Promotion, organized the Hungarian Dream Cup 2016-International Championship between October 19-23 in Budapest (Budaörs City Sports Hall), in which the main part of the event was held on October 22, with 338 participants (total of 380 Kata and Kumite entry numbers) from 15 countries.

The youth and masters categories, in both kata and kumite competition, has never been organized in Europe (EKO), and this is the reason why this event was organized.

The organizing committee provided excellent preparedness and international experience to the young and masters fighters, and the competition was held.

A series of events in the versatile program featured a spectacular Jujitsu and a high level of military-hand combat demonstration, as well as the “hall displaced and accessible and can be tested for anybody ” military program means like a laser shooting, or a flight simulator, which was a great success with the audience.

Patrons of the event:

– Dr. István Simicskó Minister of Defence
– Dr. Tunde Szabo, Minister of State for Sport
– Dr. János Mészáros, Vice President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee
– Dr. László Garamvölgyi r. Brigadier General, Crime Prevention Council

The event was also attended by special guests, such as Shihan Koen Scharrenberg, EKO European Karate Organization’s President and the WKO World Karate Organization’s Vice President, and Shihan Kalman Furkó Ret. Colonel reconnaissance, 7th Dan in Karate, grandmaster and world authority.

After the preliminary competition programs, the main championships took place on October 22, on five tatami, with 50 domestic and foreign judges in collaboration.

The qualifiers began at 9:00 in the form of exercises, Kata and the Kumite category continued in the race.

At 14:00 the grand opening ceremony began with Taiko roll and the troops marched by.

The opening greeting was by Dr. János Mészáros -Vice President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Dr. László Garamvölgyi police brigadier, Shihan Kálmán Furkó 7 Dan master, the Hungarian Kyokushin Karate founding master, President Shihan Koen Scharrenberg EKO, WKO Vice President and Shihan Alexander Goncharenko, the tournament head judge who appreciated the importance of the event for young and older people.

We welcomed among the guests of honor, Colonel Attila Simon, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Defence.

The fighting and kata events were great battles between the Hungarian and foreign participants. After the spectacular fights, the results were announced.

The medals were more than half of Hungary’s neck competitors, foreign competitors obtained 75 medals, among them stand out the results of the Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish and Swedish competitors.

The competition was held in a nice atmosphere, and closed with a sayonara party.

Great thanks to the national teams for their participation, and congratulations to the champions and medalists.

Arpad Kalmar
Organizing Committee of the Hungarian Dream Cup 2016-International Championship