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Hungarian National Team Winter Training Camp 2022


Date: 18th to 21st January 2022
Place: Hungarian National Sports Centre in Matrahaza, Hungary
Organizer: Hungary Branch (Branch Chiefs Tamas Szabo and Jozsef Stefanovics)

Hungarian National Team Winter Training Camp 2022 took place in Mátraháza from 18th to 21st January.
Nearly 40 competitors took part in the training camp. The program was about the training and the critical educational contents for the competitors, such as nutrition, training plans, and team-building. The participants also hiked to Mount Kékes.
During the four-day camp, Shihan József Stefanovics, the captain of the national team, with Shihan Csaba Rácz, Sensei Zsolt Balogh, Sensei Lídia Körmendi, and Senpai Csaba Gál made an intensive effort to pass on the principles with which the competitors can prepare for the international championships more effectively.
The goal is to strengthen the Hungarian national team, which can be achieved with further professional work and proper practice.
We believe that the invested work and the cohesion of the team will soon bring the desired achievements.

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