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Honduras Branch Dan Examination


Date: May 20 2023
Place: Tegucigalpa,Honduras
Organizer: Honduras Branch Chief Nestor Cubas Alvarado

The Honduras Branch of WKO held a Shodan Shinsa test on May 20th, in the Capital city of Tegucigalpa at the Seidokan Dojo. Directed by Branch Chief Nestor Cubas, the examinee was a longtime member of the organization, Dr. Felipe Mendoza, a medical Doctor who started practicing Shinkyokushin Karate in his University’s freshman year.
Dr. Mendoza faced the challenge with a strong spirit and endured the long evaluation of Kihon, Ido, Kata and physical conditioning all with high scores, advancing to the 10 Man Kumite, the final step of the examination resulting in his Shodan being approved with everyone at the venue cheering for him.
Branch Chief Cubas gave a warm congratulation speech at the end, highlighting Dr. Mendoza´s strong will, discipline and dedication during these 11 years of training, encouraged him to keep the pace since he is expected to represent Honduras at the upcoming World Karate Championships in Tokyo next October.