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Shinkyokushin Regional Cup in Honduras


Date: May 24th, 2014
Place: “Complejo Jose Simon Azcona”, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Host branch: WKO Honduras

This event is very important because is the first ever since Honduras was recognized by WKO.
Contact Nestor Cubas Alvarado managed the event in which Kata and Kumite excited the public.
This kind of event makes honduran karatekas focus in goals and to become stronger and faster. Since full contact Karate is new in Honduras, it has to open doors and gain experience to face near future international events.
In this event there were 61 participants(Kata and Kumite)


List of prize winners is the following:

Kids Kata:
1. Ivanna Tejeda
2. Samantha Flores
3. Ricardo Ortiz

Adults Kata:
1. Greissy Molina
2. Ronnal Hernandez
3. Felipe Mendoza

6-7 Boys:
1. Oscar Flores
2. Angel Solano
3. Gabriel Rivera

8-10 Boys:
1. Fernando Hernandez
2. Diego Del Cid
3. Ricardo Ortiz

7-9 Girls
1. Samantha Flores
2. Ivanna Tejeda
10-12 Girls
1. Nathalie Sierra
2. Julissa Valladares

Youth Male Under 65Kg
1. Joel Reyes
2. Cristian Cruz
3. Juan Perez

Youth Male Over 65Kg
1. Daniel Castillo
2. Victor Carbajal
3. Jose Cabrera

Male Lightweight
1. Felipe Mendoza
2. Ronnal Hernandez
3. Josue Funez
3. Luis Bueso

Male Heavyweight
1. Carlos Ortiz
2. Ariel Huete
3. Isaac Castillo
4. Bayron Vasquez

Ladies Open:
1. Greissy Molina
2. Ana Izaguirre
3. Reina Montoya
3. Jennifher Ledezma