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French Seminar 2016


Date : April 29-May 1, 2016
Place : Wattignies-Loos, France
Organizer : Branch Chief Pascal Rouxel and Sempai Sebastien Vanroyen

The National French Shinkyokushinkai Seminar 2016 was held for the 1st time in « Les Hauts de France » new part of France, precisely in Wattignies and Loos, from Friday April 29th to May 1st, 2016.
This camp, under Sensei Pascal ROUXEL’s branch, was organized by Sempai Sébastien VANROYEN, only 4 weeks after the French Open!

Sébastien wanted to reinforce the friendship that he made during his competitor’s years in inviting Shihan Koen SPITAELS from Belgium and Sensei Muzaffer BACAK from Germany, vice world champion 1999 and two times European champion.
We decided to invite one of the highest French rank, Sensei Bernard NAZARET (4th Dan) and Sensei Johnny DESMET (3rd Dan), one of our most talented fighters of the last years, but something unforeseen cropped up which prevented him from coming.40 students attended the camp which started on Friday evening under great weather!

The first training was under Sensei Muzaffer Bacak in the Creps’ Dojo of Wattignies, while Shihan Koen SPITAELS helped by Sensei Bernard NAZARET and Sensei Michiel VLEMINCK (president of the Belgian Federation) directed the grading test.
The first training of Saturday morning happened from 7:00 am to 8:00 am in a very green environment and sunny weather with running, physical exercises and so on … Then, breakfast followed by 2 courses either to the choice of students, fighting class with Sensei Muzaffer and Sempai Sebastien or technical class with Shihan Koen and Sensei Bernard.
After midday meal, we go to the Dôme of Loos (the hall where stands the French Open) where we split the students into 2 groups. One group worked katas with Sensei Michiel, the other worked the Renrakus with Sensei Muzaffer, which surprised everybody!

Followed the 6th and last course of the day with a common course of 1 hour, where Sensei Muzaffer made us work on stamina by groups of 3 students, which conducted to an excellent spirit of cohesion.
The day finished with a nice dinner and a good drink all together.
As traditionally, Sunday morning was reserved for fighting!
Sensei Muzaffer handled the warming up then 2 lines were made with a goal of 40 fights for everybody. Following these fights, the candidates of the grading test had to do 10 added fights! We had the privilege to see very nice exchanges between the students and noticed that the European selected karatekas were ready.

Shihan Koen gave the results of the grading test for the French Shinkyokushinkai and we had a new Sensei, Jean-Michel GÉRARD, Sensei Pascal ROUXEL’s student, who at 60 years old demonstrated a strong will and exceptional energy. Four new Nidans were promoted, with Olivier VITY, Anthony BAILHACHE, Anthony SENECHAL and Julien BOUKHCEM.
Shihan Koen assured us that we can account on his support to help us in developing the French Shinkyokushinkai.
Then traditional pictures and everybody went back home.


Sébastien VANROYEN
Seminar’s organizer.