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European Black Belt Seminar & Referee Course 2019


Date: March 1-3, 2019
Place: Stara Wies, Poland
Organizer: EKO (WKO Europe Region) & PFKS (WKO Poland Branch)

On March 1-3, the European Black Belt Seminar and Referee Course was held in Poland. The seminar and course was organized by the EKO and PFKS (Polsih Karate Federation Shinkyokushinkai).
140 people from 10 countries came to the center of Japanese Martial Arts, Dojo Stara Wies in Poland: Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Sweden, and the seminar was chaired by the EKO Grading and Technical Committee: Furko Kalman 8 Dan, Jan Bulow 7 Dan, and Remigiusz Karpinski 6 Dan. Special guests at the seminar were: Brian Fitkin 8 Dan, Koen Scharrenberg 6 Dan, Euegniusz Dadzibug 6 Dan, and Gilbert Cleveringa 5 Dan. The training sessions mainly focused on the improvement of technical elements and Kata. There was also a training session for candidates preparing for this year’s grading exam.
A referee course was also held during the period with 72 participants. The course was conducted by Shihan Jan Bulow.
The events were held in a great atmosphere, especially at the sayonara party, thanks to the activity of Shihan Alwyn Heath from Great Britain.