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European Black Belt Seminar & Referee Course 2021


Date: March 12-14, 2021
Place: Stara Wies, Poland
Organizer: Polish Karate Shinkyokushinkai Federation

 The black belt seminar and a course for referees of the Polish Karate Shinkyokushinkai Federation took place on March 12-14, 2021, at the European Budo Center Dojo Stara Wies. For several years in the spring, it was a European Karate Organization EKO seminar, but this year, due to the pandemic, the seminar had a national dimension.
Eighty people participated in the seminar. The trainings were conducted by Shihan Aleksander Goncharenko from Ukraine, Shihan Remigiusz Karpiński, Shihan Eugeniusz Dadzibug, Shihan Wojciech Radziewicz, Sensei Tomasz Najduch, Sensei Dobrusia Habraszka. Branch Chief Shihan Tomasz Basiak and Dariusz Jasiakiewicz were also present. Many thanks to Sensei Tomasz Kęcko and Łukasz Lemieszko for the organizational work on the seminar.
The seminar program included Kihon, Ido geiko, and Kata training. One of the training sessions was devoted to Kumite combinations. All trainings were preceded by physical exercise, often games, and fitness exercises so useful in training with children and teenagers. We would like to thank everyone for participating, for creating a fantastic atmosphere and full commitment during training.