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European Karate Championships-Sofia 2016


Date: November 25-26, 2016
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Organizer: EKO (European Karate Organization) & WKO Bulgaria Branch

The 2016 European Championships for Youth U22, Cadets and Adults Openweight, was held on the 25th and 26th of November 2016 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.
The championship was organized by the European Karate Organization (EKO) and the host Federation Bulgarian Karate Shinkyokushin. Total participating countries were 24 with 350 fighters in all. The cadet participants were 159 and Adult participants were 191.
The official opening ceremony was honored by the His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Shinichi Yamanaka, EKO President Koen Scharrenberg and was opened by the Minister of Sports, Mr. Krasen Kralev. The event was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Sofia Capital Municipality.
A total of over 800 guests were welcome in Sofia for the tournament from 24 countries. The event was held at the Arena Ameec Sofia, one of the largest multifunctional sports halls in Bulgaria with free entrance to the public.

The European Karate Championships was covered well with billboard, TV and online advertising. One of the biggest media groups in Bulgaria has signed a partnership for the event and has showed the Openweight Fights in two parts on the 10th and 11th of December. The media reports of good viewer rating. The Openweight Championships were broadcasted live over the internet. The organization of the Championships was led by Organizing Committee Chairman Boris Nikolov. The event was organized with the help of over 80 volunteers from the Bulgarian Karate Organization and also from the University of Sofia and National Sports Academy.

The result of the Kumite Men & Women Open Category is as follows.
1st Place: Eventas Guzauskas (Lithuania)
2nd Place: Vasil Vangelov (Bulgaria)
3rd Place: Edgard Secinski (Lithuania)
3rd Place: Marek Wolny (Poland)

1st Place: Inga Mikstaite (Lithuania)
2nd Place: Marta Lubos (Poland)
3rd Place: Gabija Gudeliauskaite (Lithuania)
3rd Place: Agata Winiarska (Poland)

The results for the other categories can be confirmed at the following link.

Boris Nikolov
Chairman of the Hosting Organizing Committee
WKO Branch Chief