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General Notice for Competitors for Karate Dream Cup 2014 International Championship



1.Please read this notice thoroughly and carefully.

Also, be sure to follow the “General Schedule”, and keep valuables in your possession at all times.

2.Remember your court and bout numbers.

Please throw away your garbage at the designated garbage can. We aim to keep the tournament venue clean as a dojo, and we ask for your cooperation.

3.Lunch Box Exchange Tickets and Souvenir Exchange Tickets are sent to competitors

(excluding Kumite participants on the 1st day) along with the numbers, and they will need the ticket to receive their lunch box and souvenir. Lunch boxes and souvenirs will not be given to participants without this exchange ticket.

4.To secure the safety within the arena,

please refrain from sitting and creating spots for your own with bags and other items.

5.The Group Kata is for 3 competitors in 1 group,

and if there is 1 competitor missing from the team, the team will be disqualified, and reserves will not be accepted.

6.Competitors participating in the Light & Middleweight division of weight division classes will need to be weighed at the time and place specified by the organizer.

At this weighing, if the competitor’s weight exceeds or does not meet the specified weight for each class, he/she shall be disqualified. If there is a weight difference of 7 kilograms and more between the weight in the entry application and the weight checked at the weighing at the Gymnasium, the competitor will be disqualified. The competitor must also be weighed within the time frame specified by the organizer, and if he/she is not able to do so, the competitor will be disqualified. Competitors must be punctual for the weighing and wear a T-shirt and Dogi pants (the official weight for the tournament will be 1 kg less than the weight at this weighing). 1kg will not be subtracted for competitors who do not show up in the above clothing (T-shirt, Dogi pants).
The representative of each branch should visit the Tournament Management Headquarters during the tournament and make the payment for the participation fee of the team, by cash in Japanese Yen.

7.Unofficial supporters and taping are not allowed in the bouts.

However, certain taping is allowed if a competitor sees a Tournament Doctor and gets a stamp from him. Stamping on taping will be available at the Tournament Doctor’s seat. The use of your own head gear (official item) is allowed. For the categories that require the head gear, please confirm that the plastic mask will need to be on the gear, for use in the bouts. Only official supporters (in white) will be allowed at the tournament. For details, please refer to the Protector Guideline in the original documents for application.

8.Women competitors should wear white T-shirts under their Dogi.

Competitors with long hair should tie up their hair with a rubber band, etc. Hair accessories (wigs, hair bands, etc.) and make up (including manicure, and fake nails) will not be allowed at the bouts. Please be sure to wear your under guard under the dogi.

9.Accessories such as pierced earrings and bracelets are not allowed for safety.

If any injuries should occur due to the wearing of accessories, the competitor who wore the accessory must take full responsibility (including compensation). Do not dye or bleach your hair. Tattoos should not be shown. If any, competitors should wear T-shirt to cover the tattoo. If the tattoo is on the forearm area, please wear a long sleeve shirt to cover it. If there is any need for the competitor to cover his/her tattoo, please report so at the timing of registration.

10.The entry number should be sewn (with white string) on the Dogi by the competitors.

Competitors who participate in both Kata and Kumite Categories will be given two entry numbers, and both have to be sewn on the dogi. It would be wise to sew the Kumite number first, and the Kata number second, so that the Competitor can take the Kata number off after the Kata Category is over. Due to a contract with the tournament sponsor, competitors without the entry number will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. Please make sure to sew the entry number, so that it will not come off during the bout or Kata.

11.There will be no special guidance during the competition.

Each competitor should wait for their turn on the waiting seats at least 5 bouts before his/her own expected bout. Competitors with smaller entry numbers are “red”, and larger are “white”. Competitors who are late for their bout will be disqualified. The organizers will not accept any complaints that may result from this disqualification.

12.Competitors are allowed to have up to 3 seconds.

These seconds should follow basic Budo manner and etiquette. No booing, screaming, caps, sunglasses, chewing gum, instruments, stomping will be allowed. Seconds will not be allowed to touch the mat on the court. The organizers will not accept any personal views or opinions concerning the refereeing.

13.In principle, the top 4 fighters in each category will be awarded.

However, there are some exceptions. The number of competitors awarded for each category will differ (1, 2, or 8) depending on the number of competitors (under7, under 15, over 64) in the category.

14.Although there will be doctor(s) at the stadium, they will only provide first aid. Medical items such as bandages and/or plasters should be prepared by competitors.

If there are any strange symptoms after the bout, due to a strike to the head, please make sure to report to the tournament doctor. If a doctor tells a competitor to stop fighting, the competitor must follow his/her advice.

15.Be sure to carry your own insurance on the day of the tournament.

In case of injury or accident (including death) during a bout, the victim shall be compensated within the organizer’s liability insurance but no responsibility outside the insurance shall be taken at all. Application for the organizer’s liability insurance shall come within one week of the end of the tournament. Applications which arrive after one week shall not be accepted.

16.There are preparations for the large screen inside the Gymnasium to display the bout numbers of the tournament.

However, the competitor is responsible for his/her own management of their schedule, and the organizer will not take any responsibility for any delays that come from any malfunctions of the large screen.

17.Please be sure to consume as much water and liquids as possible, and take measures against any sickness related to heat.

Eating in the arena will not be allowed, and we ask for your cooperation towards the sanitation management of the tournament.

18.Morinaga will prepare a special protein and drink booth (next to the lunch box area) in the arena, for competitors participating in the tournament.

Competitors with their own cup, tumbler, or shaker will be able to drink these supplements for free. There will be no paper cups at the booth.

19.In case any competitor abandons his/her entry without any acceptable reason, he shall pay the compensation fee of 150,000 yen, except in the following cases:

1.When the tournament doctor decides that the competitor cannot continue the bout, as a result of his medical check.
2.When an unexpected accident occurs immediately before the bout or during the bout and the executive committee chairman allows him/her to leave.
In case any competitor cannot participate due to any unexpected accident, etc. they should inform the WKO Office without delay.

18.The participating competitor’s rights to his/her portrait shall belong to the organizer.

Therefore, please accept the fact that the competitor’s images and pictures (including a part of his/her name and/or address) may be used for advertisements, publications, catalogs and/or websites issued by the organizer. Also, occasionally there may be interviews by various media and the competitor’s images or pictures might be broadcasted or be seen in publications.

19.The personal data obtained in the application of the competitor shall be strictly controlled by the organizer.

The data shall never be used without the competitor’s permission for any other purpose than the management or communication required at the tournament

20.Competitors are considered to accept the terms of this notice when they arrive at the starting time of their bouts with their entry numbers on.

21.When problems which are not on this list should occur, the committee will discuss the matter and make decisions properly.