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The 4th Summer Camp of Chile Branch


Place:Coelemu City, Chile (along the River Itata)
Organizer:WKO Chile Branch ( Branch Chief: Francisco Cornejo )

The weekend of 9 and 10 February experienced the 4th Summer Camp Shinkyokushin Chile, in the Coelemu city, along the river Itata.
It was a great weekend, where he lived and breathed Kyokushin Karate.
Saturday 9, was Kihon, Idogeiko, Katas, physical training and games. Later, was a great day of camaraderie among participants, sharing a delicious roast.
Sunday’s was unexpected rain, however did not affect our training day, and moved to Coelemu Gymnasium, where they performed gymnastics, Kihon, Idogeiko, Kata, Kumite techniques, Kumite. Later, we moved to the beach of the river Itata, where we ended the day with games, and presented certificates to the participants.
Finally finished the day with a rich and reponedora tallarinata.
The Summer Camp was led by our National Director, Sensei Francisco Cornejo, and also received support in some instructors: Sensei Fabiola Vasquez, Senpai Marcelino Figueroa, Senpai Ricardo Poblete and Senpai Maria Jose Mora.
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