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Meeting between Bulgaria Branch & Okayama City Representatives


Date: August 2, 2017
Place: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On August 2 in Plovdiv, the WKO Bulgaria Branch hosted a meeting with representatives from the city of Okayama.
Mr. Kensuke Fujii and Mr. Takayuki Yamaji from the Citizens Community Bureau of Okayama City, presented the Camp Promotion Project for national teams in connection with the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. This meeting was realized due to the relationship (due to past courtesy visits) between Branch Chief Tadashi Ishihara (Okayama East Branch) and Okayama City officials, in which they sought his advice and assistance, in their search for an opportunity to build ties with sports organizations in Bulgaria. Mr. Georgi Titukov, Deputy Mayor of the city of Plovdiv was present at the meeting. Mr. Titukov is in charge of the Sports and Culture division of the city of Plovdiv, which has a sister city agreement with Okayama. The meeting was hosted by Branch Chief Georgi Popov, Branch Chief/Country Representative Boris Nikolov, Mr. Valeri Dimitrov, and General Secretary Ms. Dima Yaneva. The opportunities of participation in the project were presented, which would be beneficial not only for Karate, but also for the preparation of all national teams over the next several years. After the meeting, Mr. Fujii and Mr. Yamaji observed the Bulgaria Branch Central Dojo in Plovdiv and were introduced to the activities of the Bulgarian Branch.