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Brazil Full Contact Karate Championship 2023


Date: July 16th, 2023
Place: Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil  
Organizer: Brazil Branch (Branch Chief Denivaldo Carvalho)

Brazil Full Contact Karate Championship 2023 was held on 16 July in the city of Presidente
Prudente, State of São Paulo, Brazil.
Seventy athletes from the organizations such as Shinkyokushin Dourados, Shinkyokushin Assis,
Shinkyokushin Campo Grande, Shinkyokushin São Bernardo do Campo, Shinkyokushin Barueri,
Kyokushin Kai Kan, Karate Shinbun Nun, Kensei Kai, Kaido Juku, participated in this championship.
The categories were divided into two, the kata and the kumite section. In the absolute male
category, the champion was Mr. Victor Ryu Nishimura and Ms. Mirella Aguirre won the 1st prize in
the female category. Both were from Shinkyokushinkai.

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