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Armenia Oyama Cup 2014


On May 4, 2014, at Cakhi 18 address, Yerevan, Armenian Shinkyokushin Karate Federation held a competition of Oyama Cup, which was devoted to the memory of Oyama Masutatsu where more than 100 athletes aged from 6 to 18 and elders participated in different age and different weigh categories.

The winners were awarded with medals, cups, diplomas and other presents.
The competition was highlighted on different TV channels and was honored with high appreciation by the great audience and guests from different parts of the country.

During the ceremonial opening of the competition Armen Kspoyan, the president of the federation made his greeting speech where he represented the audience and the guests the biography and the passed way of Oyama Masutatsu, the founder of Kyokushin Karate. He mentioned that Kyokushin Karate has had a rapid development all over the world where a lot of teenagers as well as adults train and enjoy a healthy way of life.

The Head Referee was Armen Kspoyan.
The Main Referees were Ararat Geghamyan and Honhannes Soghoyan.
The Corner Referees were Sergo Kspoyan, Sevak Gevorgyan, Avetis Ayvazyan, Sergo Mnatsakanyan and Taron Araqelyan.


The list of sportsmen who won prizes

5-6 years -22kg
1. Venetik Zandaryan
2. Vigen Erickinyan
3. Narek Ayvazyan

7-8years -25kg
1. Stepan Manukyan
2. Sparak Mirzoyan
3. Artyom Chivchyan

7-8 years -30kg
1. Ardavazd Harutyunyan
2. Yura Vucinyan
3. Vard Eprikyan

7-8 years +30kg
1. Aleks manukyan
2. Tigran Egoyan
3. Karen Chivchyan

9-10 years -30kg
1. Ara Geghamyan
2. Sargis Eloyan
3. Grikor Iricyan

9-10 years -35kg
1. Dima Eprikyan
2. Hayk Eprikyan
3. Hayk Grigortyan

9-10 years-40kg
1. Robert Stepanyan
2. Aram Avetyan
3. Davit Edigaryan

9-10 years +40kg
1. Narek Minasyan
2. Levon Mamvelyan
3. Tigran Dalakyan

11-12years -35kg
1. Chivchyan Sos
2. Artur Ayvazyan
3. Poxosyan Vahe

11-12 years -40kg
1. Narek Pandunc
2. Mikael Karapetyan
3. Artashes Egoyan

11-12 years -45kg
1. Galstyan Firdus
2. Minasyan Hendo
3. Samvel Karapetyan

13-14 years -45kg
1. Anania Eranosyan
2. Arman Khazaryan
3. Ashik Kharabakhtyan

13-14 years +45kg
1. Arayik Aleksanyan
2. Armen Hakobyan
3. Zaven Hakobyan

14-15 years -55kg
1. Parsamyan Varushan
2. Artur Eprikyan
3. Avetis Hambartsumyan

15-16 years -65kg
1. Mikael Manasyan
2. Azat Khazaryan
3. Ara Grigoran

16-17 years -70kg
1. Arman Martirosyan
2. Akhasaryan Hovhannes
3. Ishxan Sarkisyan

18+ years -70kg
1. Azat Parsamyan
2. Avetis Ayvazyan
3. Nairi Melikyan