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International Day Against Drug Addiction


Date: June 26, 2020
Place: Navoi city, Uzbekistan
Organized by: WKO Uzbekistan Branch (Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov)

 WKO Uzbekistan branch held the seminar on « the international day against drug addiction,» and more than 30 karate students have participated.
The purpose of the event is to educate young people and adults on how to fight against drug addiction.
Mr. Alibek Abdiev attended the seminar, he is an ex-student of Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov from 2003 to 2006, and is the champion of three different martial arts disciplines; Combat Aikido, American Sambo and Universal Fight.
He conducted the seminar for more than 2 hours and explained how Shinkyokushinkai karate helped him to become a World Champion. The Republican TV Sports channel and the channel “Sevimli” covered the event. Despite the difficult situations due to the Coronavirus all over the world, WKO Uzbekistan will continue to develop karate in Uzbekistan. Several more seminars are planned in July and August, followed by an Open international championship in September.