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Afghanistan Eastern Regional Tournament


Date: February 24th, 2017
Place: Mohmandara, Nangarhar, Afghanistan
Organizer: WKO Afghanistan Branch

Shinkyokushin Karate Organization organized the Eastern Regional Tournament on 24th of February 2017 held at Gardighous Central Dojo in Mohmandara Distric of Nangarhar Province.
The following provinces took part with their teams and representatives.
1. Nangarhar Province the host province of the tournament.
2. Kunar Provincial team
3. Laghman Provincial team
4. Nooristan Provincial team and
5. Koh Daman of Kabul guest team

Participated in the tournament. As of team category the
1. Nangarhar team has got first position.
2. Kunar Provincial team became second, and
3. Koh Daman of Kabul guest team with the third position.

The sports board officials from Nangarhar were also present during the tournament.
A large gathering saw and enjoyed the contests of the Shinkyoukushin tournament and praised the fighters’ discipline and sports man spirit during the tournament.
It was open air tournament because of the crowed, and Government provided security through the day. Officials from Mohmandara District also joined the tournament with us.
The overall result of the tournament was very organized and successful.