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Afghanistan Branch Grading Exam


Date: 2020 December 02, 03
Place: Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
Branch: WKO Afghanistan (Branch Chief Abasin Shinwari)

Afghanistan branch took place the grading exam at their headquarters in Nangarhar Province on 2nd and 3rd December.
Seventy members challenged the test of different belt categories. Kihon, Kumite, and other aspects were conducted as exams, following the WKO requirements. In Tameshiwari, which was held as extra, the participants performed various breaking techniques, including the brick-breaking, breaking of a big stone placed on the stomach, the marble stone breaking by Shuto, and the shovel handle breaking by a lower roundhouse kick.

At the end of the 2nd day, the belt certificates were distributed to those who successfully passed the exam. The participants’ family members celebrated their achievements and expressed gratitude toward their Sensei Abasin Shinwari for his hard working.