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Afghanistan Honbu – Eastern Zone Winter Camp


Date: February 7, 2020
Place: Kunar River, Kama District, Nangarhar, Eastern Zone, Afghanistan
Organizer: Afghanistan Branch & AFKO Afghanistan

On February 7, a winter camp was conducted by WKO and AFKO Shinkyokushinkai Afghanistan Country Representative and President Sensei Abasin Shinwari with assistance of Contact and Technical Assistant Sensei Habibur Rahman Adil, Nangarhar Provincial Chief Sensei Suliman Nasari and Sensei Ezatullah Wafa at Kunar River, Nangarhar.

30 Karatekas participate in the winter camp and they practiced Kihon, Ido, and Kumite for 3 hours.
After these classes, a meeting was held and plans for year 2020 were discussed.
Contact Sensei Habib Rahman Adil, Nangarhar Provincial Branch Chief Sensei Suliman Nasar, Sensei Ezatullah Wafa, Sensei Zainullah Budin Mohammadi, Sensei Sharifullah, Fardous Bahar, Sensei Sarajudin Shagiwal and Sensei Wakman Shagiwal participated in the meeting under supervision of Sensei Abasin Shinwari.
Events such as all provincial, national, international championships, camps and tournaments were planned, and WKO Afghanistan wishes for friendly relations between all related Shinkyokushinkai Dojos