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The 9th French Open of Shinkyokushin Karate


Date : April 2-3, 2016
Place : Lille-Loos, France
Organizers : France Branch Chief Pascal Rouxel and Sempai Sebastien Vanroyen

The 9th French Open of Shinkyokushin Karate was held on April 2nd and 3rd 2016 in Lille-Loos, organized by Sempai Sébastien VANROYEN with the help of his Branch Chief, Sensei Pascal ROUXEL.
Despite the international situation which has seen the cancellation of flights for the Swedish, Algerians, English and Kazakh team, 7 countries were represented: Belgium, Nederland’s, Poland, Germany, Tunisia, Switzerland and France to gather 49 participants.

Novices and Women Elite fought on Saturday 2nd

We could see of very good fights with strong motivation! Which is a promising sign and we expect to see these “hopes” to confirm their determination in Elite.

Elites Women (-65 kg)
The Polish champion, Marta LUBOS, gave no opportunity to her opponents. But we could see a very good performance from the French Béatrice BOHLER from the city of Bordeaux, who finished second and was awarded by the Trophy of the Best Fighter.
Béatrice and Marta were awarded as well by the Best Fight Trophy of the day.
Then Nina STUER from Belgium and Sivia DEN RIDDER from Nederland arrived 3rd.

Men Elite and Senior fought on Sunday 3rd

Middle Weight (less than 75 kg together with less than 65 kg)
The vice French champion Alexis WARTH (KC Ried) won this category and confirm his progression.
Aurélien BRENNET (Nintai Dojo) took the second place and confirmed his podium at the last French Cup.
Louis LEZE from Paris finished 3rd with Quentin TYTENS from Belgium.

Heavy Weight (-85 kg)
We have seen of very good fights, among others between the German Vadim MALINOWSKI and Kevin TIENSTRA from Nederland, and also some beautiful Knock Down, particularly the one of Sacha DECOSTERED from Switzerland to another German Wlad ROGINSKY.
At the end we had an epic final between Sacha DECOSTERD and the Polish champion Marek ODZANIAK. These two champions offered 7 minutes non-stop of fighting with high intensity. We had to wait until the end and see Marek strongly speeding up and win this fight. He was awarded of the Nintai Trophy (remarkable fighter of the day) and Sacha was awarded of the Fastest KO Trophy.
Sacha and Marek were awarded of the Best Fight Trophy.

Super Heavy Weight (+ 85 kg)
The very good Polish champion Mazur MACIEK wins easily this category.
At the first round, he gave no chance to a good German fighter Nikita BAUER. Then Mazur had some difficulties with the French Pierryck LUBOS from Toulouse, who was the revelation of the Tournament. Weighting only 86 kg, Pierryck met first Jan VAN BEEK (Nederland) and despite 8 kilos difference, won after 7 minutes. Then Pierryck fought with no complex Mazur and lost on the strong hit to the body. Pierryck was awarded of the Best Fighter Trophy.
On the other semi-final Roel NOORDMAN from Nederland, who finished 3rd at the World Championship KWU, lost against the other good Polish fighter Marek WOLNY from Lubos team.
In the final, Mazur MACIEK wins logically against his country mate Marek WOLNY.

Seniors (open weight)
In this category, only 3 braves fought in a group and the victory went to Jackson KAMBI from Toulouse who won against Pieter SANDERS from Nederland and Shihan Gilbert CLEVERINGA from Nederland as well who, then, wore his referee suit to help.

We have a thought to the fighters who did a good performance but where deserve by a difficult draw, as Baptiste MOUTON from Nintai Dojo who was surprised by Sacha DECOSTERED at the end of the round. Kevin LAVAL, from Tours, lost by ippon in front of Marek ODZANIAK.

In the Super Heavy Weight category, Jean-Paul TI-JACQUOT couldn’t find any opportunity in front of Marek WOLNY and lost by decision after 3 rounds. Thierry NEBLEZA from Le Cannet, who was leading his fight, injured himself on his knee and left the victory to the Polish Tomek BODZIECH.

We thank the referee-team who worked very well during these two days. Sensei Pascal GERMAIN (in charge of the referring in France and International referee), Shihan Gilbert CLEVERINGA (European Board), Shihan Bogdan LUBOS (Poland), Sempai Sébastien VANROYEN (National referee), Sempai Hervé CHAMBONREDON (National referee), Sempai Christian MARTIN (National referee), Sempai Christophe PACHE (National referee), Sempai Anthony BAILHACHE (National referee) and Bernard NARDOT (National Judge).

Next year the 10th Shinkyokushinkai Open Tournament will stand in one day, only Saturday with Men and Women Elite and Senior will take place in the same Sport Hall (Le Dôme) in Loos. The date will be determined later on. The novice category will take place at the Shinkyokushinkai Open in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (near Tours – centrum of France) on October 22nd, 2016.

Finally, we had a super show of a high quality and international fighters of a high standard of fighting, all in a nice and warm atmosphere with respect to each other.

French Open 2016 result