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The 8th Matlosana Cup Karate Tournament, Seminar, Grading


Date: March 9-11, 2019
Place: Banquet Hall, Klerksdorp Town, North West Province, South Africa
Organizers/host: WKO Branch Chiefs: Mr. Thomas Sindephi Mayekani and Mr. Isaac Mashinini (Country Representative)

Shinkyokushinkai Matlosana, North West Province has again hosted a very successful, well-attended annual tournament, The 8th Matlosana Cup Karate Tournament. This tournament started as a regional event for Matlosana branch and the neighbouring Province dojos. However, as time went by it became popular until it reached the international platform, hence this year we called it The 8th Matlosana International Karate Cup. More and more people in the karate fraternity want to be part of this awesome tournament.

This year, Shihan Isaac Mashinini, in his capacity as the WKO Africa President made history, he invited the WKO Shinkyokushinkai Karate President, Shihan Kenji Midori to grace the occasion. President Midori honored our invitation and two other top instructors accompanied him; Shihan Yasukazu Koi, WKO Executive Director and Shihan Shinichi Sotodate WKO Technical Committee Member & Branch Chief. In addition, Mr. Isamu Hagiwara of Gordon International, WKO Japan sponsor and his assistant Mr. Nayalan Moodley who also covered the event’s public relation activities taking photos and video recordings, accompanied the WKO delegates. Shihan Isaac Mashinini, Sensei Thandeka Mbonambi (SA Shinkyokushinkai National Executive committee Chairperson) and Sensei Thomas Mayekani (SA Shinkyokushinkai National Executive committee Deputy Chairperson) and the host were instrumental right from the beginning in ensuring that everything ran smoothly prior and during the tournament. Shihan Mashinini has so far attended all the Matlosana Cup tournaments since 2012, making significant contributions to the success of the Matlosana Cup.

For the first time in the history of full contact karate in South Africa, the 8th Matlosana Cup tournament had 440 competitors, in both junior (<18 years old: 246) and senior (≥18 years old: 196) categories. Because of the high number of participants, the tournament took place in two days with junior competition taking place on Saturday, 9 March and senior competition on Sunday, 10 March, putting up the greatest show ever. Shihan Midori and Shihan Sotodate briefed the referees to confirm the important points of fairness that it was crucial to judge fairly as there were many participants from other organizations. Referees were also reminded to recognize foul play and take the fast and necessary action to promote fair play. At their opening speeches, Shihan Kenji Midori and Shihan Mashinini emphasized on unity, and that our friendship should be strengthened by supporting and competing against each other as full contact organizations.
Matlosana team, which were the hosts, did not disappoint as they collected 27 trophies (25 trophies in junior and 2 in senior categories). The tournament presented a very tough competition and was attended by different full contact karate organizations (WKO Shinkyokushinkai South Africa and DRC, IKO Matsushima, IKKF, Kyokushinkan, IKO Nakamura, IKO Matsui) from all the nine Provinces of South Africa, making it a true national full contact karate tournament. IKO Matsushima group, headed by Shihan Khanyisani Mazibuko from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province, with 89 registered participants in the senior’s division, was a commendable support. The tournament received very good support, with over 450 spectators who witnessed the event, making it more memorable and a joyful event in history.

The presence of the WKO delegates at the 8th Matlosana Cup made the tournament a great success that it was as many non-WKO organisations attended the event, bringing their best top fighters to the tournament to display their skills in the presence of WKO President and the former World champion Shihan Kenji Midori. The 8th Matlosana Cup was a highly competitive tournament as all fighters trained hard in preparation to the tournament and to give their best performance in the presence of the best fighter and World champion, President Midori. The tournament also demonstrated that full contact karate is one and could be united again.

Following the tournament was a training seminar and a 4th dan-grading exam on Monday 11 March, conducted by the WKO Japan delegates and Shihan Isaac Mashinini. The training sessions were led by Shihan Midori teaching kihon and ido geiko thoroughly before the grading exams. In the second part of the seminar, Shihan Kenji Midori taught kumite techniques while Shihan Shinichi Sotodate took the grading exam candidates on final checks to assist with their preparation for the exam. The seminar was well attended by 40 participants including the two candidates taking the 4th dan-grading exam.

The participants were very eager to learn and enjoyed the training. The participants at the seminar were also very happy to have the opportunity to train with the world’s best fighter and world champion, President Midori. The participants were left mesmerized by President Midori’s performance, his skills, flexibility and ability to teach with passion and patience. The instructors and students were equally left inspired and challenged to train hard and practice more so they can become more skilful and be best instructors and fighters and that Shinkyokushinkai fighters should dominate and be champions. Shihan Midori told the fighters that it is important to create own fighting techniques and fighting style. He also mentioned that to be a good fighter and a world champion, fighters need to fight clean, commit no fouls and gave examples with our WKO champions such as Norichika Tsukamoto, Yuji Shimamoto and Kunihiro Suzuki who fights well with no foul play.

The 4th dan exams ended with one man successfully finishing the 10 men kumite and grading which was very tough and strict. The first part of the grading comprised of kihon, ido-geiko, strength, flexibility and katas and only those who passed the first part were allowed to proceed to second part of the grading, the 10 men kumite.

We are grateful for the tips to success given by the delegates to our instructors and fighters during the seminar and grading. Most important tips to remember and practice is to never show our struggles on our face, to never give up and to always have strong budo spirit and overcome all our challenges. We have also learned that to be a world champion, fighters need to play fair and commit no fouls.

We are honored as Matlosana branch, North West Province for hosting our WKO delegates lead by the one and only WKO President, Shihan Kenji Midori. We are grateful for having managed to bring the best of the best in South Africa to our shores, to come and be part of history where all provinces had representation. We thank all the participants (instructors/coaches, referees, competitors, spectators and parents) from different provinces and organizations for making the event a great success that it was.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the sponsors. Puncho Security and Projects Company under Sensei Seun Chauke (Major sponsor), City of Matlosana Local Municipality, Department of Education and Sports Development, Toro ya Africa consultancy, Twinz Hair Salon, Mamokomane funeral parlour and others for collaborating with Matlosana Shinkyokushinkai karate organization and making the event a resounding success it was. With the kind of support we get even from the government officials who graced our event, we have no doubt that we can and we will do more to develop our youth through karate.

Kind regards,

Sensei Andronica Shonhiwa (née Rakgantso)
WKO South Africa/ Africa region
For President, shihan Isaac Mashinini.

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