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The 6WC Tournament Draw (Final Version)


Please confirm the tournament draw (final version) of the 6th World Karate Championship in Weight Categories that will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan on July 1-2, 2017.
The updated content is as follows.

1. Men Heavyweight:
WKO received a report that Mr. Valeri Dimitrov will not be able to participate in the Men Heavyweight Category, due to an injury he sustained during the European Championship (in Denmark) in early April. It was the request of Europe, to send a replacement for this position in the form of Mr. Lukas Kubilius. As for Mr. Kubilius, although he did not participate in the selection tournaments, it was the consensus in Europe to consider his high placements in the 10th & 11th World Open Karate Championship, and designate him as the No.1 seed competitor for Europe.
Therefore, due to the non-participation of Mr. Dimitrov, the original No. 1 seed competitor for Europe, it was decided to accept the participation of Mr. Kubilius as his replacement, take his (Mr. Dimitrov’s) position as the No. 1 seed competitor for Europe, and actual place on the tournament draw.

2. Update of tournament draw based on allocations of returned positions
In regards to the update of the tournament draw based on the returned positions allocated to the relevant regions/countries, the additional competitors were placed on the tournament draw based on the priority/ranking presented, and in cases where such standard caused an imbalance in the draw (bout between same country/region), such positions were switched and adjusted in the best way possible.

6WC Men’s Tournament Draw
6WC Women’s Tournament Draw