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The 5th Greek Summer Seminar


Date: July 27, 2019
Place: Kilkis, Greece
Organizer: WKO Greece Branch Chief Otario Melikiadis

Another unique experience was the Greek Shinkyokushinkai trainers and athletes on July 27 (Sat.) at the Skra Waterfalls in Kilkis area, where they gathered for the 5th Greek Summer Seminar.
The whole event was organized by Branch Chief Shihan Otario Melikiadis 5th dan with the help of the instructors of the Northern Greece Clubs Sensei Melikiadis Aristotelis (AS Aristotelis Kilkis), Sensei Papagiannidis Filippos (Filippos Club), and Sensei Viatseslav Kesidis (AS Mega Alexander Polykastro).
In the 2-hour seminar held in the wild but also under the icy waters of the Cascades, Shihan Melikiadis taught basic techniques, hand-kicks and kicks as well as Branch Chief/Country Representative of the Greek Shinkyokushinkai Association Shihan George Kosmidis.
35 participants experienced unique emotions and experiences just as the great founder of Kyokushinkai Sosai Mas Oyama practiced in difficult conditions, making the full contact style unique.
The seminar was also attended by Club KIME Xanthis with instructors Senpai Papadopoulos Grigoris, Warrior Club with Sensei Krisila Ioannis, Department of the Academy at Tsagarada Senpai Pozapalidis Iraklis, and Shinkyokushinkai Volos Academy with instructor Sensei Kosmidou Vicky.
After the seminar there were moments of relaxation with many dives in the frozen waters of the blue lake next to the waterfalls, while the event ended with a big buckwheat, song and dance just like a large family that is the Association of Greek Shinkyokushinkai. Shihan George Kosmidis warmly thanks Branch Chief Melikiadis for the excellent organization and cordial hospitality.
A big thank you to Senpai Ouzouni Lazaro who took over the barbecue, Mrs. Melikiadou Adelaide for preparing the meal, the Association supporter and photographer Petros Papamihailidis who follows almost all the athletes and all athletes in Kilkis for the help they provided to organize the whole meeting perfectly.
The appointment was renewed for the time being!