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The 3rd Limpopo Province Kyu Grading Test


Date: May 4, 2019
Place: University of Limpopo, Limpopo Province, South Africa
Organizers/host: South Africa Branch Chief Medupi Robert Lechelele

A total of 120 students, mostly white belts from across Limpopo province branches/regions attended to take part in the kyu grading test (white to brown belt). It was well-attended by three districts/regions around Limpopo Province (i.e. Mokopane – Waterberg district/region, Polokwane – Capricorn district/region, and Mopani district/region). Students from Mpumalanga Province also took part in the event. This test highlighted the growth of Shinkyokushinkai in Limpopo Province, which indicates the overall karate development and growth in South Africa.

The grading proceedings were conducted by Shihan Isaac Mashinini (6th dan) as an invited quest and chief examiner. He was assisted by Medupi Robert Lechelele (3rd dan, Limpopo Province), Phillip Nkuna (2nd dan, Limpopo Province), Sydeck Monyela (2nd dan, Limpopo Province), Elvis Shiluvane (2nd dan, Limpopo Province), Andrew Khoza (1st dan, Mpumalanga Province), Innocent Zikhali (2nd dan, Gauteng) and Frans Seabi (1st dan, Limpopo Province). The students have prepared very well as it showed in their good performance and character displayed throughout the event. The syllabus focused on physical training, Kihon, Ido, Kata, and Kumite sessions specific for each kyu level.

The students were encouraged to continue learning and practicing karate in order to acquire more knowledge and skills, and to become better karate-kas and future instructors. Shihan Mashinini expressed his gratitude to all participants and parents who made the effort to support their children. Sensei Medupi Robert Lechelele also expressed his words of gratitude and promised to grow and to be loyal to WKO Shinkyokushinkai. He further acknowledged all those who participated and supported the event, as the event was possible and successful through their efforts and support. He also acknowledged the University of Limpopo for their continuous support to Limpopo WKO Shinkyokushinkai.

Kind regards;

Sensei Andronica Shonhiwa (nee Rakgantso)
Assistant to President Isaac Mashinini; WKO South Africa/Africa Region.
On Behalf of Sensei Lechelele and Limpopo WKO Shinkyokushinkai