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The 38th Spanish National Championship


Date: March 10, 2018
Place: Logrono, Spain
Organizer: FKE (WKO Spain Branch)

As every year we made the Shinkyokushinkai National Championship, organized by the FKE (Federacion Kyokushinkai Espana).
This year the event was held in the North, and the Championship was held on March 10, at the sports center of Las Gaunas in LOGROÑO, La Rioja.
Great thanks to Shihan Juan Carlos Escalera, President of the FKE, and all his students and collaborators, support and complicity shown to carry out this event.
We started promptly at 9:00 h in the morning with the children’s categories, in the form of kata, following fighting in the same categories, that once completed, the corresponding trophy presentation was performed. Then we started the competition of Katas Junior and Senior, with the participation of Sweden and Switzerland of EKO. We are very pleased with the level of kata in Spain, both by our competitors, as by countries attending and also by the arbitration panel that certainly collect the perfect conditions to arbitrate this mode.
At the end, we started the playoffs first for Kumite junior, that took us almost at 15:00 h, to finish the morning session. We want to indicate, that this year we had a total of about 200 competitors among all categories.
About 17:00 h. We started with the Kumite Junior semi-finals, continuing with the U22, and Senior categories.
We believe that we are of the few or only Championships, which we continue conserving tameshiwari test in our Championships, as carried out in Japan, and on this occasion, it was not going to be different. Tameshiwari was done, and we continued with the semifinals of U22 and Senior.
Before the final of the U22 and Senior, Shihan Juan Carlos Escalera, offered us a combined Kata demonstration, which ended with a series of breaks.
We ended up concluding about 21:20 h. and delivered the trophies, including the Katas of Junior and Senior in the morning.
Another great Championship that we ended with a very good atmosphere, sometimes having completely filled the bleachers.
We can only thank the invited organizations, competitors, the FKE Dojos, competitors and referees, as well as family and friends that demonstrated their support for our championship, which would be impossible to do it without all of them.
Thank you very much, OSU!