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The 22nd Greek Summer Camp


Date: July 3-7, 2018
Place: Skiathos, Greece
Organizer: WKO Greece (Country Representative/Branch Chief George Kosmidis)

After 3 years of absence from the Sporades island, the Greek Summer Camp of the Greek Shinkyokushinkai Association returned to the beautiful island of Skiathos and for the 22nd year it was organized from July 3 to July 7 in the area of Koukounaries at the Golden Beach Hotel.

The flawless organization of the seminar, the daily 4-hour training with a special and varied program, as well as the attention and interest of all the participants, resulted in the great success of the event.
At this seminar in which the regional unit of Magnesia and Northern Sporades was co-organized, 35 athletes and trainers from England, France, and Greece participated. Trainers from Crete and Rhodes also canceled their participation due to the July 7 parliamentary elections.
The morning practice at the beach of Koukounaries with the golden sand and afternoon in the landscaped area of the Golden Beach Hotel was a pleasure for all the instructors and athletes who gave their best and enriched their knowledge and experiences.

The great top teacher Shihan Cyril Andrews 6th Dan, representative of British Shinkyokushinkai and both Shihan Masters George Kosmidis Country Representative of Greek Shinkyokushinkai Association 5 Dan and Shihan Otorio Melikiadis Branch Chief 5 Dan taught tirelessly by participating dynamically Kata, Kihon, Ido, Kumite, presenting Bunkai with a full analysis and explanation, raising the technical and competitive level of knowledge of all Greek Shinkyokushinkai instructors.

During the camp, a grade promotion exam was held, where the athlete from Athens, Gasias Georgios (student of Sensei Dimitrios Tsiaras 3rd Dan) successfully passed and was promoted to 1st KYU. On the last night, as the institution became the established Sayonara Party, a small auspicious event, where attendance diplomas, commemorative plaques, commemorative medals were presented to the invited instructors, and the official Japanese diplomas and genuine golden black belts were given to the athletes who performed the exams at the Winter Camp. Among them Sensei Vicky Kosmidou, Sensei Yiannis Krisilas, and Senpai Dimitriou Anastasia, Andreeanidou Bella, and Agathoulesis Theodoros.