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The 21st All Indonesian Shinkyokushin Karate Championship


Date: April 15th, 2018
Place: Semarang, Indonesia
Organizer: Indonesia Branch

On April 13th, one by one the contingent began popping up at the athletes’ lodging at Wisma Pemda.
In addition to attendance to the competition, this good opportunity was also used to tighten the ropes of brotherhood, to discuss the continuity of organization existence in the future, and to solve existing problems.

April 14th was entirely for the preparation of administration, preparation of organizing of judging, and WKO Indonesia meeting.

At 9:00 a.m. on April 15th, the song of Shinkyokushinkai echoed, and all athletes stepped gamely into the arena following the opening ceremony. Although it is increasingly difficult to bring the participants, Shinkyokushinkai Indonesia was still able to attract members to participate. As many as 75 participants from 10 provinces appeared with enthusiasm.

In the arena all participants showed all the potential of themselves in the fight so that the quality of Kumite becomes more interesting.
It was very obvious to see the difference in those who are really prepared or not. Stamina and endurance factors are much more important over technical factors.
Although initially looked well, because it was not supported by good stamina, eventually the seniors who judged to give hope, failed when met with juniors who had endurance and better stamina.
Indeed, this phenomenon always happens in every national championship and should have made a warning to those who want to go even higher.
Defeat is not a serious problem; the most important is to immediately notice the mistake and try to get back up.

The Result :

Male –65 kg
Bagas Anjar S (DIY)
Roby Radianto (NTB)
Agus Yulianto (DIY)
Muhammad S (Jabar)

Male –75 kg
Lafran Arse J (DIY)
Riyan Hidayat (DIY)
Iswoyo (Jateng)
Tiovano T.M. (Bali)

Male –85 kg
Ignatius R.P. (DIY)
Salky Salim (Sumut)
Risanda Julio D (KalTim)
Roy Bernardo (Jatim)

Male +85 kg
Gusffi Eranu (DKI)
Hendra S (Sum-Sel)
Totok Unggul W (Jateng)
Christian Natalegawa (Jatim)

Female –50 kg
Richa C. (DIY)
Gonil Cahyo W (Jabar)
Shakila Nova U (Jabar)
Shella Shania (Sum-Sel)

Female –55 kg
Melania VP (Jabar)
E.Aghna Vania (Jateng)
Indri Kurnia S (Sum-Sel)
Renaga A. (Jateng)

Female +60 kg
Vivi Suriani (Sumut)
Marta L (Jatim)
Reni D (Jateng)
Anis K. (Jabar)

Best Spirit: Tiovano TM.
Best Technique: Risanda J.D