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The 2nd – Cup among juniors and The 8th – Cup among adults


The 2nd – Cup among juniors and The 8th – Cup among adults of the Center Shinkyokushinkai Karate Republic of Uzbekistan “Nur-Has”
On December the 1st – 2nd , 2012

On December the 1st – 2nd , 2012 in city Navoi was held the 2nd Uzbekistan Cup among juniors and 8th Uzbekistan Cup among adults in honor of the 20th anniversary of Constitution Day of Republic of Uzbekistan and our center Shinkyokushinkai karate “NUR-HAS”.

The 2nd – Cup was spent on 8 weight categories. And the 8th – Cup on 2 weight categories. There were the strongest fighters (in quantity 109) from Tashkent, Khorezm, Samarkand and Navoi regions, and also from cities of Tashkent and Navoi.

On December the 1st
The winners of the 2nd Uzbekistan Cup among juniors


-55 kg
1st place. Tukhtayev Ulugbek (Navoi city)
2nd place. Radjabov Farrukh (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Jabborov Murodillo (Navoi city )

55 kg and + 55 kg
1st place. Kulmurodov Mukhriddin (Navoi city)
2nd place. Dovultayev Asmliddin (Navoi region)
3rd place. Maltsev Emil (Navoi city)

45 kg -50 kg
1st place. Sattorov Feruz (Navoi city)
2nd place. Peregudov Temur (Navoi city)
3rd place. Normuminov Nodir (Samarkand region)

40kg -45 kg
1st place. Khodjiyev Akbar (Navoi city)
2nd place. Shodiyev Giyos (Navoi region)
1st place. Nematov Oybek (Navoi region)

35 kg -40 kg
1st place. Otoboyev Safarbek (Khorezm region)
2nd place. Bekniyozov Shokhrukh (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Nuriddinov Aziz (Tashkent city)

30 kg -35 kg
1st place. Kalandarov Otadjon (Khorezm region)
2nd place. Tukhtisinov Asadbek (Tashkent city)
3rd place. Niyozmetov Otadjon (Khorezm region)

25 kg a -30 kg
1st place. Mukhammadov Doston (Navoi region)
2nd place. Kodirov Shkhzod (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Khamrokulov Mukhammad (Navoi city)

20 kg – 35 kg
1st place. Abdullayev Shukhrat (Khorezm region)
2nd place. Niyozmetov Mukhammasali (Khorezm region)
3rd place. Safarov Sarvar (Navoi city)


50 kg and +50 kg
1st place. Yakubova Mashkhura (Khorezm region)
2nd place. Abdukarimova Umida (Samarkand region)
3rd place.Amandjulova Vasilya (Navoi city)

40 kg -50 kg
1st place. Bobotova Farangiz (Angren town)
2nd place.. Djumayeva Nargiza (Navoi city)
3rd place. Bobomurodova Gulzoda (Navoi city)

30 kg -40 kg
1st place. Norzikulova Nargiza (Samarkand city)
2nd place. Bobomurodova Dilafruz (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Tukhtadjonova Khosiyatkhon (Angren town)

– 30 kg
1st place. Ulasheva Guldjakhon (Tashkent city)
2nd place. Kilicheva Mardjona (Samarkand region)
3rd place. Kuryazova Sabokhat (Khorezm region )

On December the 2nd
The winners of 8th Uzbekistan Cup among adults


– 65 kg
1st place. Namozov Golib (Navoi city)
2nd place. Nurmurodov Bekmurod (Navoi city)
3rd place. Kim Alexei (Khorezm region)

+ 65 kg
1st place. Roziyev Umid (Tashkent city)
2nd place. Tursunov Bakhtiyor (Navoi city)
3rd place. Tukhtayev Ulugbek (Khorezm region)

Country Representative
WKO in Uzbekistan
Khasan Nazarov

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