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Moldova Autumn Seminar 2012


The Greek Branch Chief/Country Representative of the Greek Federation of Shin-Kyokushinkai Karate has returned from Moldova where he taught in a major seminar organized in Chisinau on 5th and 6th of September by the Athletics Ministry of Moldova. In the seminar, 200 athletes and instructors from 20 different dojos representing many different cities of Moldavia were present. The seminar consisted of a program of traditional Shin-Kyokushinkai Karate, kumite techniques, and fighting techniques of Knock Down, while at the seminar’s closure promotional examinations of Kyu and Dan grades were held. The Greek representative was the official guest of the Moldovan Branch Chief/Country Representative Aurel Condrea, and all the expenses of the travelling, stay, and transportation of the Greek delegation were generously covered by the Moldovan Ministry of Athletics. The Greek head coach was accompanied by the president of the Federation of the Greek Shin-Kyokushinkai Karate, Mr. Souvleris Antonios who had various meetings with the officials of the Moldovan Shin-Kyokushinkai Association with an utter purpose to further expand the level of cooperation and friendly support of the two countries with international meetings and friendly events between them. The Moldavian Chief presented the two Greeks with honorable plaques at the farewell dinner whereas he referred to the great and valuable support of the Greek Coach, and pointed out that he is going to be an official guest, every year from now on with the support of the Moldovan Ministry of Athletics. The great Shihan of Great Britain, Shin-Kyokushinkai Cyril Andrews was also a special guest for the event, but unfortunately could not make it, due to last minute problems with the air company.