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The XII Honduras Shinkyokushin Karate Championship


Date: October 1st, 2016
Place: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Organizer: Honduras Branch Chief Nestor Cubas Alvarado

The XII Honduras Shinkyokushin Karate Championship was held in Tegucigalpa City, on October 1st with the participation of 68 full contact karate competitors.
5 different Dojos, run or supervised by Branch Chief Nestor Cubas Alvarado were represented. There were bouts from infants, children and teens separated in age and weight categories, a Male and a Female Open Weight categories for adults and an Open Kata for both male and female competed for the first place.
In the lightest and youngest category, Paolo Munoz from Honbu Dojo became the champion after a magnificent jodan mae geri in the last seconds of the bout.
Ariel Dominguez from Evolution Dojo consolidated his position in the youth male middleweight as he won for the third time in a row.
Valeria Torres (Honbu Dojo) won the youth female up to 13 years old by awasete ippon (jodan mawashi) in the final match. In the rookies category of 7-8 years old under 32 Kg Diego Flores from Seidokan Dojo give a pleasant surprise to the audience with his great stamina and performance.

The Honduran Shinkyokushin National Team used this last local event of the year as preparatory competition for the All America´s next November in Costa Rica, where the Team members Greissy Molina Lara, Ana Izaguirre, Reina Montoya, Carlos Ortiz, Marlon Murillo, Luis Pedro Bueso, Felipe Mendoza and Rudy Martinez will fight for a spot in the Kazakhstan 2017 World Championship in Weight Categories.

Prize Winners

Boys 5-6 Years Old Under 20 Kg
1. Paolo Munoz
2. Santiago Canales

Boys 6-7 Years Old Under 26 Kg
1. Andres Duron
2. Eduardo Murillo
3. Samuel Mejia
3. Josue Mejia

Boys 7-8 Years Old Under 25 Kg
1. Andre Leiva
2. Javier Molina
3. Oscar Calderon

Boys 7-8 Years Old Under 32 Kg
1. Diego Flores
2. Daniel Ordonez
3. Santiago Jaen
3. David Reyes

Boys 7-8 Years Old +33 Kg
1. Daniel Rosales
2. Santiago Hernandez

Boys 9-10 Years Old Under 32 Kg
1. Adrian Castillo
2. Sebastian Canales
3. Eriol Contreras

vBoys 9-10 Years Old +33 Kg
1. Angel Solano
2. Oscar Flores
3. Leonel Mejia

Girls 9-10 Years Old
1. Nicolle Duron
2. Marcela Molina

Girls Up to 13 Years Old
1. Valeria Torres
2. Alessia Matamoros
3. Samantha Flores

Youth Female Open
1. Nathalie Sierra
2. Carmen Montoya
3. Martha Paz
3. Andrea Herrera

Youth Male 12-13 Years Old
1. Nahum Lainez
2. Johann Leiva
3. Fernando Hernandez

Youth Male Over 13 Years Old Middle Weight
1. Ariel Dominguez
2. Esdras Banegas
3. Isac Lainez

Youth Male Over 15 Years Old Heavyweight
1. Cristian Cruz Cruz
2. Andres Carias

Kata Open Adults
1. Felipe Mendoza
2. Nazareth Martinez
3. Greissy Molina
3. Carlos Ortiz

Female Open Adults
1. Greissy Molina
2. Ana Izaguirre
3. Egla Gattorno
3. Reina Montoya

Male Open Adults
1. Carlos Ortiz
2. Rudy Martinez
3. Marlon Murillo
3. Herlin Ventura