Uzbekistan Branch Kata & Kumite Seminar

Uzbekistan Branch Kata & Kumite SeminarDate: February 2, 2020
Place: Bukhara city, Uzbekistan
Organizer: Uzbekistan Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov

On February 2, Uzbekistan Branch Chief Khasan Nazarov organized a Kata & Kumite seminar led by instructors from Bukhara city, Mansur Barakaev and Uchkun Avliekulov.
Over 70 Karatekas aged 4 to 70 years old participated in this seminar.
First, participants practiced Kihon and Ido, and learned Bunkai of Kata. Then, they learned Kumite techniques, which became preparation for the 2nd “Amir Temur Cup”.
This international championship will be held in the city of Samarkand in May 2020.
Everyone from all over the world is invited to this event!