The 12th Brazil Summer Camp & Grading Examination

The 12th Brazil Summer Camp & Grading ExaminationDate: February 24-25, 2018
Place: Mongagua, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Organizer: Brazil Branch

On February 24-25, the 12th Summer Camp Karate Shinkyokushin was held in the city of Mongagua, São Paulo, with participation of 180 people.
The training was conducted on the beach, with Kihon, Kata, fighting techniques and so on.
This event has already become a tradition.

Grading examination was also held, and Salvador Santos and Lucas Cavalheiro challenged 2nd Dan, and Giovanna Girotto, Victor Vinicius Milanese, Arthur Lucas Ferreira challenged 1st Dan.
They performed Kihon, Kata, Idogeiko, general knowledge, physical test, and Kumite.
All the examinees met all the criteria of the grading examination with excellence, and were promoted to the next Dan respectively.