The WKO Shinkyokushinkai Argentina National Championship 2018

The WKO Shinkyokushinkai Argentina National Championship 2018Date: July 29th, 2018
Place: Club Atlético Defensores de Glew, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Organizer: Argentina Branch

On Sunday, July 29, 2018, it was held the WKO Shinkyokushinkai Argentina National Championship 2018 Qualifier for the South American Tournament in Brazil.
The tournament was held in Buenos Aires. Kata competitions were held in the morning and Kumite competitions were held in the afternoon.
70 competitors participated in the championship and there was very strong fighting spirit of Shinkyokushinkai.
Sergio Pini, Branch Chief of Argentina extended special thanks to all the teachers, judges, competitors and staff of WKO Argentina Branch, especially Mr. Eduardo Vallejos, Mr. Rodolfo Furbatto, Mr. Javier Felix, Mr. Daniel Frontane, Mrs. Mari Musayama, Mr. Claudio Perez, Mr. Rafael Martins, Mr. Manuel Ardiles and Mr. Anibal Arediles for the excellent work of the successful event.

The official results are as follows

Adult male -75kg
1st Fabricio González
2nd Walter Marenco
3rd Claudio Romero

Adult male -85kg
1st Rafael Martins
2nd Franco Salvucci
3rd Mario Fernando Chávez
3rd Manuel Ardiles

Adult male +85kg
1st Lucas Pelizzari
2nd Adrián Daniel Guirao
3rd Luis Alberto Baldovino
3rd Jorge Nievas

Senior Open
1st Francisco Martín Macjus
2nd Walter Miguel Silva

Junior Children (15-17 years)
1st Cristian Paredes
2nd Alejandro Morales
3rd Walter Maidana
3rd Juan Quintana

Women Open
1st Noemi Lema
2nd Mari Masuyama
3rd Karen Coria
3rd Ayelen Noelia Díaz

Junior Girls (15-17 years)
1st Micaela Nievas
2nd Florencia Diaz
3rd Luna Ramos Zurita
3rd Malena Ramirez

Best Technique Award: Fabricio González
Fighting Spirit Award: Mario Fernando Chávez