The 1st National Cup of the Hellenic Full Contact Federation


The 1st National Cup of the Hellenic Full Contact FederationDate: November 29, 2015
Place: Volos, Greece
Organizer: Hellenic Full Contact Federation

With great success both at an athletic and organizational level, the 1st National Cup of the Hellenic Full Contact Federation took place on November 29th, 2015 in the city of Volos, Greece. 270 athletes from 4 organizations took part in this event, representing 16 dojos from all around Greece.
The Opening Ceremony included the presentation of the rules of Full Contact Karate, Kata demonstrations, and Tameshiwari breaks. The fights were at an extremely high technical and fighting level with obedience and respect to the rules, not only from the athletes but from their teachers as well. The refereeing was fair and strict and all the referees and the Referee Committee (Chairman George Kosmidis) accepted the congratulations of the parents and the teachers.
The event was honored with the presence of the Mayor of the City of Volos, the Vice Mayor, the president of the Olympic Preparation Committee, other important people from the field of athletics, Karate and the political scene of Greece.
Those responsible for the organization and preparation of the event were: WKO Greece Country Representative George Kosmidis (main coordinator of the event), Mrs. Evdoxia Kosmidou, and the director of the office of the Hellenic Full Contact Federation, Mr. Stavros Voulgarakis.